Who am I?


Currently I am no one.

This is an experiment; a time to play and see where life can take me.  I like to write and so I have decided to do so. Seriously for once.  Enough talking.  I have done lots of that in the past.  For now, I will write.

I currently work in a fine dining restaurant, carrying heavy plates of over-priced protein accompanied by appropriate garnishes from one side of the room to the other.  I later collect those plates, hopefully a little lighter than when I dropped them off, and return them to the opposite side of the room.  Quite surprisingly, people willingly hand me large amounts of their hard earned money to do this menial task.

But what of satisfaction?  What of inspiration?  What of creativity?

I was educated at McGill University in the fields of Anthropology and Psychology.  I studied different aspects of various cultures and the people that formed them.  I’d like to think that I have learned a thing or two about humanity.

But what of Life?  Life is something different.

In this blog I would like to talk about life.  Not as it exists currently, perhaps.  But rather I would like to talk of life as it was supposed to exist.  A subtle difference, but a poignant one.  Some may call my writing fantasy.  Others may call it absurd.  I call it the Elementalist Epoch.  A time when fires ignited from within.  A place where mountains were moved with a word and oceans parted with a flick of the wrist.  A journey that ended only when the winds themselves became exhausted.

Welcome to my blog.

I hope it brings you as much joy to read as it brought me to create.