Known as less,
Known as paltry,
Known as jest.

Kept dormant,
Left to descend,
Met with abandon.

Destined to fail,
Known for illusion,
Gone from thought.

Perfect harmony,
Blessed prodigies,
Incumbent child.

Sloven motion,
Horrid frailty,
Choral sound.

Felt as terror,
Known as caramel,
Seen as God.

Owned by mother,
Quoted honourably,
Kept outdoors.

Under finger,
Under footstep,
Solving time.

2 thoughts on “Tormented

  1. Tristan ~ I’ve a batch of your poems to read through. This week, I’ve been dreadfully immersed in the escape of the Persephone’s/women in Cleveland. This poem speaks to me of their issues. In a most unconscious way, you’ve captured the isolation and darkness of their lives in captivity: “incumbent child”.

    This week’s New Moon has presented several opppositional themes. One of them is Ceres (planet of mothering/nurturing & despair in severance) opposite Pluto (darth-lord of the underworld). Your poem reveals these themes. The deal/outcome of that myth is that Ceres cuts a deal so Persephone (the daughter) can be released from the underworld on a cyclical basis. So, here we have all spring Earth Taureans gathered together, as the women of Cleveland emerge into the light of day for the first time in over a decade.

    Do you associate this poem with “earth” ?

    ~ Moira

    • Thank you Moira,

      I wrote this poem before the news broke of the story in Cleveland, as you probably know. I am glad it spoke to you on such a deep level. I definitely agree that the imagery in the poem is grounding and lends itself to the “earth” element.

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