Roll Back the Curtain

Three stories,
Performed in sequence,
Bathed in moonlight,
Intriguing no one.

A young harp,
Carved of ash,
Polished smartly,
Left to rot.

The mummer’s maiden,
Seen from stage right,
Dreams of silver,
Ashamed to sing.

A world grown colder,
Her eyes turned down,
Believes in nothing,
Smiles alone.

When did this happen,
Who gave the order,
Where was the poet,
What let us down?

The babes of springtime,
Deceived by autumn,
Roll back the curtain,
Unveil the scene.

For all that’s certain,
Is come tomorrow,
And all that’s hollow,
Today abounds.


6 thoughts on “Roll Back the Curtain

      • I think it’s a positive thing 🙂 Anytime you can make someone feel anything at all, you’ve become accomplished. Just my opinion though.

        The funny thing is that I don’t really even LIKE poetry. I could read yours all day long though. If they were all like this, I’d LOVE poetry. Everyone’s different though and I can appreciate the fact that everyone has a different way of going about writing. I just may not be smart enough to read other people’s poetry and figure it out. lmbo JK. Seriously though, I really do love yours and I sincerely hope that other people see this and love it too!

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