Map of Gaia

This map is a reference for those who wish to follow the progression of my upcoming novel: Taming the Tempest

Map of Gaia

If you have any questions or comments about the world or the story in general, feel free to post them below.

2 thoughts on “Map of Gaia

  1. Hi Tristan, I love your creativity and the map and the different names in there. I assume this is fiction and your creation.
    Pardon my question: Is Gaia the name of a place in the novel?
    One humble suggestion: Could you consider putting either a water body in the north of the map or mountains and rivers to justify the ecological balance with the vast forests up there?
    Once again, love your work and these comments are just a feedback on things that you have probably already thought of.

    • Gaia is the name of the continent in the novel. It is my creation, although Gaia is a borrowed word. All the other names are original, however. There is a little lake and two rivers in the north, but I did not name them, so I guess it would be confusing. Also, the reason the north is so heavily forested will become clearer as I develop the story more. In fact, I will be hinting to it in my new short story, The Dryad of Terranür

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