She drops the vase,
The porcelain erupts.
Her heart quickens its beat,
As shards of lilac
Splash the wood beneath her feet.

Flushing, cheeks aflame,
She stoops to hide the wreckage,
Stoops to clear the mess,
Scoops the jagged pieces,
Dripping blood upon her dress.

Unexpected anger,
Explodes from moistened lips.
Pausing, deep inhale,
She holds her thumb between her teeth,
Pulsing, throbbing, feeling pale.

14 thoughts on “Broken

  1. My favourite lines are ‘As shards of lilac
    Splash the wood beneath her feet.’.

    It’s an amazing poem, full of feeling.

  2. The only thing this Poem is missing is an award! Love your Poems, I am rather new to your blog but the ones i have read are always sensational. ~Shane

    • That’s always the conundrum isn’t it? When should it be finished? Like a painter of the romantic era brown washing his works into ruin. Your poem evokes thought just as it is. And it only truly lacks if there is part of the story you still need to tell. Perhaps there will be a part II? Far be it for us, though tempting, to fill in some extra lines.

      It’s a very lovely poem!

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