My First Rejection

The title of this post is not entirely true.  I have been rejected in love, several times.  I have been passed up for sports teams, I have failed midterms and lost the respect of colleagues.  I have even ruined a few friendships.

But as far as my writing goes, this was the first time I had ever submitted a piece of mine to a legitimate publication.  And I was rejected on a technicality.  It seems that they do not consider any work that has been previously published on a personal blog.  According to the editor this is a common rule held by almost all publications.  They want first rights for the printed material.

This is kind of bad news for you guys, because it means that from now on I can’t post my stories on this blog if I want to submit them, so all the really good stuff will have to stay hidden from your eyes.  It is also bad news for me, because it means that my Tracking the Wind story is no longer submitable.

Anyway, I am not too discouraged.  I guess I will just have to keep trying with other stories.


25 thoughts on “My First Rejection

  1. Hi. Usually it’s internet sites that won’t take material published on other sites. As a former editor of a newspaper and a magazine, I have never heard of this as being a ‘common rule’.

    If I were you, I would look for other publications and keep on trying. J.K Rowling, author of the ‘Harry Potter’ books was rejected several times until someone realised her potential and look where she is now. Rejection (of any sort) can really knock your confidence but be strong, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep trying!

    • Thanks for the morale boost.

      I am glad to hear that you are unaware of this rule as well. It seems a little silly, since the story has only been viewed 39 times so far. I will keep trying. Just to sate my curiosity, as an editor, what is your opinion of my little story?

  2. That sucks!!! I mean … I guess it makes sense, because everyone can read whatever you post here, but still! Seems a bit silly. Anyway, good luck with your publication attempts 🙂 And take heart that you were rejected because of a technicality, and not because they didn’t like your story!

  3. Dear Tristan,
    It’s a silly rule, if it is one at all, since you own the rights and may waive them.
    You can also make an e-book yourself, with a program such as Sigil…
    several rivers to float that

  4. Elementalist, why don’t you join one of the many online writing forums? Access to these sites is limited to members only, so you can share your work with other people (which is very important to all of us) but its status remains ‘unpublished’. Also the writers on these forums, who have a lot of experience and expertise, will review your work and help you to improve.

  5. I’m learning the same lessons right now. Whatever I post on my blog is with the knowledge that it’s for being part of the community and is no longer submittable.

  6. A helpful warning to those who don’t know.
    I had been told by another writer that this was so.
    Though I do not agree with the validity of this claim,
    Which to me smacks of greed without shame.
    The written word is a free and noble steed
    To be shared far and wide for all people to read.
    For the information which those words might contain
    No ‘one man’ may poses or seek to lay claim
    Intangible truths or thoughts and ideas
    To blog these is best and share with our peers!

    • Sorry, I was at work earlier and couldn’t really respond in any sort of real way. This comment definitely made me smile, however. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such rich and well thought-out responses to my posts.

      • Thank you, you are too kind.

        lol – I don’t know about “rich and well thought out” though, like most of my ‘work’ it just sort of happens to me…at the time. The words just sort of flow out, I know not from where. All I know is that I cannot force them, to be able to write at will, yet sometimes to be without a pen and paper can seem as unpleasant and debilitating as having no opposable thumbs!

        For now I am eager to read your stores, to benefit from that which you have so generously given and which the publications have so churlishly dismissed.

        Salut good sir,
        Keep up the good work!

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      • I have placed a lot of information about my world and characters here; so if this is true, I may be out of luck.

    • Len, putting facts about your writings is not taboo; rather, publishing the story is. For instance, my story “Barbarian Tales” (or whatever it may be called if I rename it), would be considered such because I have posted parts on my blog as well as on my website. However, I have several shorts I have done for a course I’ve taken which would be acceptable ( after revisions, of course).

  8. yes, ownership is a myriad of convoluted streets, entwined and intersecting. even though it hasn’t been technically published, views here are considered published! Makes me crazy! Anyway, best of luck to you and thank you for the like!

  9. I have seen this limitation on various publication submission rules. I find it interesting (i.e. silly, funny, ridiculous, ect.) that they want you to have a following, but not to have posted writings you wish to publish. This, to me, is an inconsistency. Keep trying, and remember that just because one place rejects a piece, or even a hundred do, there is one out there who will want it! Write On!

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