Lonely Lullaby

As the stone skips o’er the water,
She believes her lover found.
Moving past the broken altar,
To the shelter underground.

How the leaves betray the motion,
How the song betrays the sound,
She has lost her one devotion,
To the shelter underground.

What the morning dew despises,
Where the mists have lain their crown,
Our dear daughter soon arises,
From the shelter underground.

Since the age of dreams found broken,
Since the dawn when he was drowned,
Slowly fall the tears unspoken,
To the shelter underground.

As the breeze skips o’er the water,
She deceives that he’ll be found.
He is lost to our dear daughter,
He is buried underground.

13 thoughts on “Lonely Lullaby

  1. OMG! This seriously made me cry! I felt this one, FOR SURE. Your words are so beautiful. I can’t tell you how much bad poetry I see on wp and yours is not some of that. Not that I should criticize anyone because mine would be the worst of the bad poetry but you know what I mean. lol

      • Well welcome to the wp community! I’m kind of new myself. I’ve only been doing this for a few months and like everything becomes to me, it’s too much of an addiction sometimes. It will get old, like everything does and maybe I’ll spend less time on here. lol But your words DO move me and I’m looking very forward to seeing more!

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