The Written Word

The softly scratching quill
squint eyed, pinched face,
black upon my fingertips.
Could concentration help with this?
Or does distraction
clear the mist?

A twitch,
sweet inspiration, insight, bliss!
Behold, untold,
the fairytales emerge.
Welcome, good friend,
the written word.

Tristan Nagler

19 thoughts on “The Written Word

  1. aloha Tristan – this is the first i’ve read your work. my initial response is that i like the rhythm and your way of rhyming within an easy flow of words—along with the insight and hard observation. cool. aloha.

    • Thank you. A poem is very similar to a painting, in that each syllable is like a brush stroke. Too many and the poem becomes cluttered, too few and the observer is left guessing. The hardest part of writing poetry is pressing the “publish” button.

      Thank you for posting a link to my blog in your post!

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